Special Puja to be done by a couple on their Marriage Anniversary to seek the blessings of the Divine for a long, happy and blissful married life.


Birthday is the most special day in everyone’s life.A janam din puja is performed in order to seek the blessings and thank the Istha or your preferred God.


Puja for Starting a New Business is done before of just after starting a new business.In this Puja Lord Ganesh,and Maa Laxmi are worshiped together.


After death, the person who has died is only touched when absolutely necessary. Traditionally, the bereaved wash their loved one.A funeral home will attend to this ritual.

House Opening

You must not ignore Vastu faults, while entering your new home. If there are any faults and your home’s energy balance is disturbed,you may not feel good .

performing music in ceremonies

Performing music in ceremonies is more about the intention of making sound, how you feel whilst you’re making it and the effects that ripple out from there.


Marriage as per Vedic texts signifies the union of two souls.Vedas recommend a collection of ceremonies and Pujas to be conducted to seek blessing from the lords.


In the Hindu way, every child born is named and this ceremony is called naamakaranam. this ceremony is conducted in an elaborate form on the 12th day after birth.

Shanti Havan

Shanti Havan is done for increases the positivity and the bond between the members of the family and decreases all the negativity and effect of any kind of evil.

Vastu Shanti

It involves worshipping the five elements of nature,natural forces and the deity of directions.It also grants mercy if any organism came to any harm during the construction.

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